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Devandran Karunakaran

Lawyer – Ship Finance

Devandran Karunakaran attended the University of Leicester to read law. The university is a top research university with a reputation for providing students with advanced learning opportunities. Mr. Karunakaran excelled in contract law, a subset of law that focuses on governing, enforcing, and interpreting legal and commercial agreements between businesses. Upon his graduation in 2012, Devandran was awarded the prestigious K. C. Chang Postgraduate Scholarship Fund, which enabled him to pursue a master’s degree in Legal Practice at the University of Law, London. He graduated with distinction from this course in 2014 and was admitted as an associate member of the Solicitors Regulation Authority – one step below being fully qualified as a solicitor. Devandran is a man of many talents and interests. Early in his life, he developed a passion for public international law, also known as The Law of Nations. This body of law holds the set of norms and legal guidelines that govern and regulate international relations. Due to his keen interest in this field, Devandran has worked diligently to become an expert. He has written extensively on the topic and has even given lectures to students at various universities across North America. In addition to his work in the legal arena, Devandran is also an accomplished artist who enjoys painting landscapes and seascapes in his spare

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