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The city-state of Singapore is home to Devandran Karunakaran, who was born and raised there. Singapore is home to one of the busiest and largest ports in the world. At the beginning of his legal career, he decided to focus on advising offshore and renewable energy companies in addition to representing clients in ship financing deals. He did this against the backdrop of a busy urban society that was based on the economics of practical import and export. This was one of the reasons.

Mr. Karunakaran was raised in a home full of joy and affection by his mother, an accomplished cook specializing in traditional dishes from Southeast Asia, and by his father, who was the principal of an international school. His extended family is quite extensive, and most are still based in Singapore.

At 21, Devandran was required to perform two and a half years of national service for the country. After he finished his obligation, he traveled to the United Kingdom to assert his independence and launch his professional career.

Education and Skill Acquisition

Law was one of the subjects that Devandran Karunakaran studied while at the University of Leicester. The university has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the most prestigious research institutions and providing students with possibilities for further study. Contract law is a subfield of business law that focuses on controlling, enforcing, and interpreting the legal and commercial agreements that are made between companies. Mr. Karunakaran was an expert in this field.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree in 2012, Karunakaran applied for and was granted the famous K. C. Chang Postgraduate Scholarship Fund. With this prize, he could attend the University of Law in London and earn a master’s degree in Legal Practice there. In 2014, he received a diploma from this school with high honors and was subsequently accepted as an associate member of the Solicitors Regulation.

In addition, he had a particular fascination with public international law, sometimes referred to as The Law of Nations. This corpus of law is the repository of the norms and legal rules that control and regulate the conduct of countries concerning one another on a global scale.

While Karunakaran attended Leicester University, he made friends with students from a wide range of cultural and racial backgrounds and has happy memories of the people he met there. A good number of those intimate friendships he developed are still active in his life today. For instance, his college roommate served as the best man during his wedding to his wife, which Karunakaran and his wife attended.

Mr. Karunakaran was an active part of the university’s rugby team throughout his stay there and competed at the varsity level in the sport. After finishing his postgraduate studies, Devandran relocated to London to begin his career as a lawyer. He acquired a training contract position with a reputable multinational law company with its headquarters in the UK.

Experiences in the Working World

The market for trainee solicitors in the United Kingdom is highly competitive, and finding training contracts can be challenging. However, completing this training course is necessary to qualify as an attorney in the UK. The good fortune of Devandran Karunakaran allowed him to immediately obtain a training contract with a well-known law company in the United Kingdom. He couldn’t let such a wonderful chance go by without taking advantage of it. Hence, following his graduation in Singapore, he decided to relocate to London rather than go back home.

Mr. Karunakaran spent approximately 13 years of his life in London, and he now considers that city his second home. In addition, he was able to build many personal and professional ties here, which eventually led to his working for two different international legal companies and spending some time living and working in Piraeus, which is located in Greece.

Devandran, who is well-known and renowned for his technical legal skills, decided to focus his career on ship finance law, offshore energy and renewables, and environmental law. In these roles, he puts in a lot of effort to ensure that his clients get the most out of his technical legal expertise and his commercial and business acumen so that they may maximize their profits.

In the end, Karunakaran joined PT Indo Energy Solutions in 2020 as an advisor to the board of directors, a function that eventually expanded to embrace all aspects of the company. Devandran maintained his residence in Singapore even though the company he worked for was headquartered in Indonesia. He traveled to various locations in Indonesia as required by his position.

Lifestyle and Interests Outside of Work

Soon after Devandran’s return to Singapore in 2015, he met the woman who would eventually become his wife, Cornelia. Cornelia was living and working in Germany then, but she was on secondment to Singapore. Halle, Germany, which is now considered Devandran’s second city, is where she and her family originally hail from.

In addition to maintaining a close relationship with and providing care for his parents, Mr. Karunakaran takes pleasure in the kitchen. He received his talent in the kitchen from his mother, aunts, and grandmother, all of whom are exceptional cooks. As a result, he has a passion for the culinary arts. Not only does he want to cook the meals that he remembers eating as a child, but he also wants to cook them in a nutritious and well-balanced way.

Both Devandran and Cornelia, his wife, are extremely concerned about the current situation of the environment in the globe. They try to live as sustainably as possible to provide a good example for their daughter and to be mindful of the planet they will leave behind for her. And in light of this own yearning, Mr. Karunakaran has resolved to increase the amount of time he spends volunteering for causes related to the environment over the next few years. As a result of his belief that no one should go hungry in this day and age, he is actively involved in volunteer work related to food security.

Travel is another activity that the Karunakaran family enjoys doing together as a group. In addition to the travel that both of their occupations took them on before they met one other, he and his wife have been to Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Switzerland, and Australia. This is in addition to the travel their careers took them on before meeting each other. They hope their baby girl will inherit their enthusiasm for seeing the world and going to interesting new locations.

Devandran Karunakaran’s family members place a significant emphasis on maintaining a healthy physical condition. In addition to consuming nutritious foods, they also engage in physical activity, take in large amounts of fresh air, and use natural foods to cure and nourish the body.

As a result of the belief that their own family is blessed beyond measure, Devandran and his family are active participants in charitable activities. Donations have been made on their behalf to organizations that help refugees in Ukraine. In addition, he served as a trustee for a Hindu temple connected to his family and donated his time and knowledge to the organization.


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